GPS Time Synchronization System for PCīs and Servers

The CPTGPS system enables time synchronization of a MS Windows PC or Server to UTC time.

The CPTCLOCK software running in the PC or Server maintains their clocks at UTC time using the Global Position System. The Global Positioning System (GPS) uses a constellation of at least 24 Medium Earth Orbit satellites that transmit precise microwave signals. The system enables a GPS receiver to determine its time precisely. In this way the internal PC clock deviations are corrected and their Real Time Clock synchronized with GPS accuracy.

CPTCLOCK software receives the time messages sent by the CPTGPS receiver and using the selected correction parameters, synchronizes to the exact second with the aid of the 1 PPS ( 1 Pulse Per Second) hardware signal. This signal has a 1 ĩS precision.

The GPS receiver and antenna are located in a water proof enclosure.



  • Precise time synchronization with microsecond accuracy to UTC time using the 1PPS (1 Pulse Per Second digital line).
  • Programmable Synchronization Period.
  • Time difference display between UTC and PC time.
  • Synchronization when time displacement is higher than a delta time specified value.

CPTclock Client. This software runs in windows PCs working through an Ethernet TCP/IP LAN and synchronizes these PCs to the CPTclock server.

CPTclock Clients will demand the time information at pre-programmed periods of time synchronizing the PC clock. A complete log file may be generated with all the events.

ISO TÜV ID: 9105064505