Frequency - Phase Measurement Unit


2 frequency/voltage channels. 2 external input contacts. External GPS module for exact time synchronization and phase measurement.

RMS input voltage and Phase Angle measurements:

The equipment measures the phase angle between the 1 PPS (Pulse Per Second) signal from the GPS receiver and the first zero crossing of the input voltage. By measuring these values in several CPTraf it is possible to obtain the phase differences (power angle) between distant points, and evaluate in real time the stability of the system. Phase angle error: 0.1 degrees.

Each CPTraf may be set to generate a daily file with phase angle data, with sampling rate configurable from 10 samples/second. This data is useful for disturbance analysis, stability verification and power swing events detection.


RS-232 to PC Optional: Ethernet – GSM GPRS

If the FPMU is directly connected to a PC running CPTraf-w application then the system acts as a standalone Line Frequency Analyzer. The software provides graphic display, trigger supervision, disturbance and historical recording to hard disk.

Technical specifications:

  • Frequency precision: 0.001 Hz
  • df/dt precision: 0.01 Hz/seg
  • Acquisition rate: 10 ms. @50 Hz, 8.33 ms @60 Hz

ISO TÜV ID: 9105064505