Windows Control Panel

The system was designed to measure with the maximum accuracy, at high sampling rate, frequency, voltages and phase angles. Also a specialized frequency fault recorder is included with pre-fault time capture.


  • Displays real time graphic plot of frequencies, voltages and ROCOF (rate of change of frequency).
  • Shows a Bar display of the oscillation detector.
  • Displays phase angle differences between inputs.
  • Displays peak detector values of frequencies and voltages.
  • Records frequency disturbances in electric power systems using COMTRADE file format.
  • Provides daily historical data trend files.
  • Provides a Frequency Deviation Monitor.
  • Generates quality reports of frequency and efficiency factor of the secondary frequency regulation.
  • Provides internal log reports (SOE) with complete information on the operation of the analyzer.
  • Sends frequency, voltage and phase angle information to CPTraf Master Station application to concentrate information from multiple CPTraf recorders, obtaining real time information on phase angle differences between distant locations.


  • For all the measured and calculated values.
  • Out of band triggers.
  • Configurable RoCoF (rate of change of frequency) triggers.
  • Oscillation triggers.
  • Digital inputs for external contacts.
  • Manual trigger (Keyboard).
  • Compound triggers.

The value settings and number of continuous samples needed to generate a trigger are software configurable.

Record Time Duration:

  • Pre-fault: 0 a 30 sec.
  • Post-fault: 1 a 200 sec.
  • Extended Fault: 0 a 400 sec.


  • Channel selection.
  • Time scale adjustment.
  • Amplitude adjustment scale (zoom).
  • Over and under-frequency sound alarms adjustment.
  • Secondary Frequency Regulation Efficiency Factor settings.

Display of the last 24 hours EFRS values (Efficiency Factor for Secondary regulation of Frequency) Reference line of set point of the SRF value (Secondary Regulation of Frequency)

Frequency Visual and Sound Alarms:

  1. High Limit Warning
  2. High Limit Alert
  3. Low Limit Alert
  4. Low Limit Warning

The acquired records can be analyzed using the CPTgraph COMTRADE Viewer or any COMTRADE files manager; all the files fulfill the IEEE C37.111-1191 IEEE Standard Common Format for Transient Data Exchange for Power Systems.

ISO TÜV ID: 9105064505