CPTric | Sistema de Medición Remota de DemandaCPTric:
Automatic demand metering system (AMR) via GPRS.

Acquires and sends information of electric demand from remote energy meter points to a central Data Center.


  • Counts energy meter pulses.
  • Works in transparent mode via RS-232 interface.


  • GSM & GPRS with extended reability using our Dual SIM system.
  • Ethernet & DSL or Satellite
  • PSTN modem

The pulse output contacts of an energy meter are connected to the CPTRIC device. Its microcontroller counts the number of pulses in an integration period and sends them with status information to a central server or Data Center.


  • Selectable transmission periods.
  • Two type pulse inputs: KYZ and KY.
  • Anti tamper sensor and key contact in door with inmediate alert message.
  • Supply voltage and battery voltage measurement.
  • Historical data recording to 2 Mb Flash memory.
  • Automatic GSM- GPRS reconnection using both SIMs.
  • Second SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) socket for an optional 2nd cell carrier providing availability duplication.
  • Exact time synchronization using optional CPTGPS module.
  • In CPTdm model:

  • Direct measurement of active, reactive (all quadrants), voltage, frequency and phase angle1.
  • RS-232 port for configuration or to be used as transparent gateway to device (meter etc).
  • 3 days power autonomy with back-up battery.
  • Other configurations by request.

CPTRIC configuration and management:

CPTRIC can be managed and configured remotely via GPRS or using SMS (Short Message Service)

Technical Specifications:

  • Supply voltage: 220 V - 110 - 110 / v3 V. Other by request.
  • Battery: 6 V 4Ah.
  • Autonomy without supply: 3 days.
  • Historical data recording to non-volatile 2 Mb Flash memory.
  • Real Time Clock.
  • Quad band GSM/GPRS modem, GPRS multi-slot class 10.
  • Digital Inputs: 2 Pulse count inputs type KY or KYZ.
  • Open door detector and anti tamper detectors.
  • Voltage measurements: Supply voltage, battery voltage.
  • Energy accumulators: 2.
  • Status indicators: Up to 8 LEDs indicating: Power supply, signal strength, Active SIM, connection to server, GSM network registration.


ADSL or Satellite communication using CPTRIC-Ethernet

In this model the communication is implemented using an Ethernet port (RJ45 10/100 Mbps). An embedded Serial server is used as interface between the microcontroller and the IP net. The serial server has a WEB server that may be used to configure, monitor and diagnose the device.

Communication via Modem. CPTRIC-Modem

In this model the communication is established using an embedded modem. CPTRIC -modem is connected to a standard PSTN telephone line. CPTRIC-Modem will initiate a telephone call to an ISP provider (ISP).

Acquisition Center Software

The Acquisition Center (CA) is the physical place where the servers and communication links are installed, normally they are located in a Data Center (taking advantage of its infrastructure). The CA is responsible for receiving and processing all the data that is received and sent to the RICs.

Also in the CA mirror servers are installed. They are responsible for maintaining the integrity and redundancy of data. The most important services in the CA are: CPTServer, CPTManager, CPTTime, CPTBalance. Customers access the CA via a VPN (Virtual Private Network using a transparent tunnel IPSec over UDP), using a thin client (Thin Client, protocol RDP). The OS Client can be (Linux, UNIX, Mac OSX, Windows, etc.). Users are generated in the Operating System (OS, Windows Server 2003 R2) with the restrictions for each user. Servers Database (BD) may be hosted in a platform R2 Windows Server 2003 or Linux (Red Hat, Cent OS, Slack ware).

The structure used in the CA is:

ISO TÜV ID: 9105064505