ISO 9001:2008ISO 9001:2008

Quality Policy:

Computecīs main goal is to achieve a steady improvement, safety and reliability of its performance at all levels of the company. It seeks to guarantee that products and service comply or even exceed clientīs requirements and ensure their satisfaction.

The company will provide the necessary resources and equipment to guarantee the fulfillment of these objectives.

The company will make sure that the personnel are properly trained for the effective performance of their activities.

The policy provides the framework to define quality objectives, and its suitability and effectiveness will be periodically revised.

It will be the managmentīs responsibility to guarantee that this policy is understood and applied at all levels of the company.


Design, manufacture, assembly, testing, storage, distribution and maintenance of measurement and control equipment, including hardware and software. Consultancy on industrial process management software.

ISO TÜV ID: 9105064505