SRAFE NG SRAFE NG: Digital Fault Recorder
Digital Fault Recorder and Dynamic Monitoring System with multi-functional capabilities.

All in one 4U cabinet with configurable architecture using pluggable analog and digital boards.

Up to 32 analog channels and 96 digital channels.


Technical Specifications

  • 4 Units 19'' cabinet - 10,4'' LCD Touch Display with 1024 * 600 dpi resolution.
  • Up to 32 analog channels with 8 channels board. Each channel configurable as voltage, current or analog input - The input adapters use precision shunts providing frequency response from 0 HZ.


Voltage, Current and analog input channels

  • New integrated analog front-end.
  • Improved accuracy and DC response using precision shunts, independent isolation amplifiers and embedded microprocessor.
  • Simultaneous sampling in all channels.
  • Resolution up to 24 bits.
  • Galvanic isolation and protecting circuits in each channel.
  • 5th order active anti-aliasing filter with software programmable cut-off frequency.
  • Voltage analog channels: 115/√3 V – other voltages at request .
  • Current analog channels: 1 – 5 A.
  • Sampling rate: Up to 256 samples per cycle.
  • 16 bits resolution.
  • Accuracy: better than 0.2 %.
  • Digital input channels: Up to 96 opto-islated digital channels using 24 channels input boards.
  • Harmonic channels.
  • Sequence channels.
  • 128 Gb Solid Sate disk drive for data storage.



  • Level (over and/or under) and rate of change triggers on all analog channels.
  • Each analog trigger has an individual adjustable time limiter.
  • Event triggers on open, close, both.
  • Negative sequence triggering, zero sequence triggering, frequency level and rate of change triggering are also included.
  • Frequency level triggering.
  • Level triggers on calculated quantities such as MW, Mvar, etc.
  • Sag and Swell Triggers.



Web Interface

  • A web interface is available from the local net or from internet. Using the web interface it is possible to configure , display values and use all of the system functions.


Time Synchronization

  • External module with GPS receiver for precise time synchronization.
  • PPS accuracy: 0.5 µS.



  • Daily log (SOE) with automatic generation.



  • Via Ethernet TCP/IP.



  • COMTRADE IEEE format.
  • High speed oscillographic fault records with definable pre, post and extended fault time.
  • Low speed Swing/RMS records with definable pre and post fault time.
  • Includes power magnitudes, power factor, frequency, etc. 1 sample/cycle, phase differences.
  • Very low speed trend recording with definable sample rate. I.e. 1 Sample/sec.
  • 128 Gb Solid State disk drive for data storage.


Optional Analyzing Software

  • As the records are generated in COMTRADE IEEE format, any software that reads COMTRADE files may be used.
  • Optional software can be provided.


SRAFE WMS - Master Station

  • SRAFE Master Station software runs in any remote PC receiving information from SRAFE NG recorders connected to the Network.
  • Master Station software shows and plots on-line acquired values: voltages, currents, frequencies, active, reactive, apparent power and power factor.
  • The status of all the recorders can be monitored.
ISO TV ID: 9105064505